Under these conditions, the braking distance could be considerably affected.

Nickel changes its magnetic permeability as a stress is applied.

As distillation continues, the distillate will continuously change in composition.

When the intermolecular distance is changed (or altered), ...

The observer's notions as to ... have undergone a change.

* * *
Изменяться (вдвое)-- Growth rate varied as much as a factor of two. Изменяться -- to vary, to differ; to range (в диапазоне); to be modulated; to be graded (постепенно); to be affected (обычно ухудшаться); to reverse (на противоположное)
 Air flow is modulated with hand-operated valves.
 The mesh was graded in the horizontal direction to provide increased resolution near the vertical boundaries.
 NO emissions were not significantly affected when residual oil was fired. (... при сжигании мазута не изменялись существенно)
Изменяться (по ...) от ... до-- The coatings vary in total penetrations from 0.05 mm to 0.23 mm after 2000 hr. (... глубина повреждения покрытий изменяется от ...) Изменяться в ... раз-- С is an empirical factor which can vary by a factor of five depending on material. Изменяться от ... до
 Surface roughness values ranged from 3.1 mm for the chromium sesquioxide to 14.1 mm for tungsten carbide.
 In the tests cited, m varied (or: went) from 2.1 to 3.0.
 He suggested that N in equation (4) should be varied between three and zero as bubble size is increased.
Изменяться от ... к
 These tools vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but some common observations may be made.
 The static weight of the person on the seat was assumed to be constant, but in practice it was likely to have varied slightly between the seats.
Изменяться с-- The point of reattachment varies with time.

Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика. 2013.

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